Monday, April 26, 2010

lounging in sheets

i have been looking for the perfect pair of pj pants for years. so when i saw this: easy like sunday morning. i thought, hmmm, exactly! i had been saving an old sheet with a worn hole in the middle, just for this. i love these sheets. they are from the company store, my mother in law gave them to us the year we got married, that was 12 years ago. they lasted a long time. well i've been saving it for 2. anyway the pattern is: the Wide-Leg Lounge Pant pattern from Amy Butler's In Stitches. i don't really sew. well i guess i do, but i'm kind of a learn as you go sewer, and i sort of use sewing like welding or painting, it's kind of just another medium to get what is in my head into the physical world. recently i've started sewing more because i can do it in the house, with the kids and actually get something done. so it satisfies my need to create as well as my desire to be surrounded by handmade, thought about with good intension, items. but anyway the pattern was great. i left off the trim at the bottom and just made them solid. and i added an elastic to the drawstring because i hate untying every time i have to use the loo. i love them, i feel like i'm still in bed! well kind of ;)

i intended to take a photo right when i finished, when they were all pressed and beautiful. well i didn't, then i wore em, washed em, and who irons pj pants? well probably the same people who iron sheets. not that there's anything wrong with that... so here they are in all their wrinkly glory.


  1. They look great! Fantastic job. I have wanted to make those pj pants for a long time.

  2. That is the most incredible thing I've seen yet!! PJ Sheet Pants!!! LOVE this (: So that's what I can do with those old sheets that I just can't bring myself to throw out b/c a use will come up (: And this is it. I'm so glad you found her post and shared it with I go to lounge in sheet (: