Sunday, January 10, 2010 we go!

hi well here i am in cyber space. i have a lot of ideas in my head, i don't get a lot of sleep and i have 2 small children that consume almost all of my energy. the remainder of that energy goes to my husband, who after 11 years, i still want to spend all my free time with, and to feeding us all. but... i'm an artist. and i don't feel quite whole if i'm not creating, writing, making.... and so here i am. it's been a year on this journey towards feeding my soul. last year my amazing husband gave me a copy of "the creative family" by amanda blake soule because i am, in the depths of my soul, an artist and he could see i wasn't getting my creating in, so i read this book, i was instantly feeling like there were other women like me, who all of a sudden found themselves educated, married, opinionated, talented and well, mothers. i'd found a "village" you could say. anyway it started with a pair of pants for my daughter made from a pair of my favorite jeans that ripped off of story the library....but that's a whole other story... i borrowed a sewing machine from my friend (and partner in mothering till we drop) nancy. and the making felt good. i sewed with my son. we made flip dolls.
we made a birthday banner. i made him a birthday crown.

so here i am putting handmade back into my life. i need there to be things crafted with love near me. the plastic toys drive me nuts. i like feeling life in the things i hold. i like watching my children hold and play with things that are real. i am writing this blog because i have found a lifeline in amanda's blog and i love keeping in touch with my cousin and her family in her blog, feeling connected to her while we both create. so it's mostly for me i think, a journal, maybe for my kids to someday see, perhaps? or maybe for you, if there is a you out there reading this, to connect with us or to keep in touch. so... here we go!

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