Wednesday, January 13, 2010

loud wheel dog

so loud wheel dog eh? where'd that come from? well it's a drawing i made in chalk on the floor of the glass blowing studio in college. (yes, i technically hold a degree, a BFA, in glassblowing and ceramics) it made me laugh. i drew him in my sketchbook, he visits my subconscious sometimes and again, i laugh. he comes out on the driveway when i'm drawing with chalk with my kids, he's the pet i'd want if i had one... he'd be easy to walk. when i decided i was going to write this blog. i figured ok, i'll set it up, let's see what happens. i clicked the button then up pops this question, what name? what domain? i was like what? i need a name? damn, i didn't think about that, crap this is going to take another year. but what pops into my head first? yup, you got it, loud wheel dog. so i thought, ok well what am i going to write about? will this title fit? and then i thought, i want to write about my kids, my passions for things from home birth and breast feeding to sewing, my lack of knitting progress, to glass casting, making trains out of junk mail, drawing on each other with skin crayons, my crafting, my that the same?....ahhh age old question, see i even digress in my thoughts.... and i figured yeah ok it's a little wackado but so am i and that's what i'm doing here, feeding my soul by being who i am and saying what i feel. so yup loud wheel dog. i figure the ride will be swift and fun and bumpy and well he kind of has a mane to hold onto.

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