Tuesday, July 13, 2010

the birthday:::handmade

so 2 months later...

embroidered matryoshka, her favorite "babies". pattern by sublime stitching. a gift from my cousin, tonya. (thanks ton! i didn't do the colons yet ;)

birthday crown. in shades of favorite color: green, and second favorite color: purple. pattern from soule mamma's, "the creative family".

she's in it here: in "this moment" and here:
with rowan playing the "tinest babies"

cupcakes by dad: simple vanilla from "vegan cupcakes take over the world"

birthday banner, made by me and rowan, finished for rowan's birthday and now a "hazel" too. pattern from the creative family.

and the best "made by us" of all...

her little self. the joy and love that embody her. what a fun celebration!


  1. so very amazing. love love love

  2. Tara - It looks wonderful! I love the embroidery, excellent job. All the photos are just perfect. It is going so fast, isn't it?