Monday, March 28, 2011

on the 28th:::28 things

you absolutely do not need to know about me:

i see in color, pattern and shadow.

i need to stop and stare if the sun or moon is shining branches or rainbows on my wall.

i can not focus if a fluorescent bulb is buzzing. it makes me feel insanity is stalking me.

i believe coincidences are opportunities.

some of my favorite smells are: rain, wet redwood forest, ocean, peach, wet desert, gushing snow melt, yarn, chocolate, my kid's and husband's heads, hardware stores and ben and jerry's ice cream shops.

i taught myself to type when i was 21 with a space invader typing program.

i have really awesome friends.

i've lived in a car three times in my life, by choice, each time exploring the usa.

my husband is my anchor and my sail.

i think the moon is the perfect light to kayak, hike and garden by.

when i see the number 28 i know the universe wants me to pay attention.

i tell my daughter every day, "you are smart, you are strong, you are beautiful". i hope she grows up sure of it.

i think tennessee, kentucky and nebraska are more beautiful then they get credit for.

i agree with holden caufield about phonies.

i can't stand when people are in my space or i can't see the sky, but i loved spelunking.

7 is my favorite number, 9 is second.

i've peed in a cornfield in iowa, and really enjoyed it. (you're laughing, but go will see...)

i still believe in magic and; that when said magic presents itself, i will be able to fly.

floating is my favorite thing to do in water.

i love comic book superhero movies. if batman or wolverine are involved, i'm in.

i have a crazy high tolerance for physical pain but not cruel words.

i believe love is the most important thing parents can give children. any parents.

sometimes i bite my lip till it bleeds. i'm sorry every time.

i believe birth matters. i agree, passionately, with ina may about women and i want to aid in her desire to bring truth and clarity to the birth culture in our country.

my son has my exact hair cowlicks and all, in the very same places.

i believe souls are eternal.

i desire equally: a trip to the library of congress, and a sailing/kayak adventure in the galapagos.

my 28 things were inspired by amy's 41 things, my cyber friend who makes it feel like hope and love and support are everywhere if you just look. (amy, i can't stand the smell of any perfume either, or any strong, fake scent; smelly soap is my nemesis. i still have anxiety about under the bed, hate to talk on the phone, i believe in karma... and i think you know the list could go on, and on, and on...)


  1. i think i actually did need to know those things. and when i come to visit you at the lake - i'll try and remember to bring my photos of the galapagos. xo