Sunday, January 17, 2010

old tank tops and new bags

i have had much of my clothing for over 15 years. i know that some would think that's sad. but i don't. i really don't care about fashion, i like to dress in jeans and a black t-shirt. i have to update the jeans because the waistlines and styles keep changing, but mostly they have to be replaced anyway because they are ripping in crazy places. i like old navy, i like shopping online. i occasionally like to find a unique sweatshirt or top. i do like to look nice sometimes but it's not something i like to spend a lot of time doing. in my previous "professional" life i was a graphic designer and the attire at my office was casual, not business casual, flip flop casual, so it was great. i am also a pac rat. it might come with being an artist, my whole life i always thought "i can use that! somehow..." so i saved it. i hate to think of perfectly good things sitting in landfills. freecycle may have saved my sanity. i also have memories that are linked to things, for example one of the below i was wearing in the summer of 96 when my friend barb and i drove across the country camping and exploring for 7 weeks. it was grand, it was like a rite of passage to womanhood. i think of this when i see the blue tank top. so when i was recently packing all of my clothes that don't fit right into a bag for the local women's shelter, i had to save it. and the green one, i have a thing for trees. it occurred to me i could make a lightweight bag for my kids to keep their toys in from them. it drives me nuts to have all of the toy parts from the same toy or game all over the house. so i did. i just turned them inside out and sewed the bottom together. i tried to use an overedge stitch on the blue one, because i got a new sewing machine and i wanted to try it. i should have googled it first because i don't how you're supposed to do it. so then i just did a straight stitch above. they came out great. here they are. and as the universe would have it, one is blue and one is green, my kids favorite colors.

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