Tuesday, May 17, 2011


so playing along, with naptime, who's playing along... because i am a fan of good 'ol will, and also it's true, i am just swamped! and what's there to do but laugh along with those also battling r.o.u.s. so see you on the other side of the fire swamp.

“I can’t keep my head above water one minute to the next: it’s not just the parties and the goo-gooing with what’s-her-name, I’ve got to decide how long the Five Hundredth Anniversary Parade is going to be and where does it start and when does it start and which nobleman gets to march in front of which other nobleman so that everyone’s still speaking to me at the end of it, plus I’ve got a wife to murder and a country to frame for it, plus I’ve got to get the war going once that’s all happened, and all this is stuff I’ve got to do myself. Here’s what it all comes down to: I’m just swamped, Ty.”


  1. The "goo-gooing with whatshername" is what makes the book so much better than the movie.

    Any better lately?

    (Me, either. But thought I'd ask.)

  2. it exactly is.

    yes actually a little tiny bit. 3 and 5.5 is exponentially, by increments of what i'm not sure, better then 1 and 3.5. or 2 and 4.5. it's the sleep. that's x. +x=:)