Friday, May 28, 2010

the 28th

today is may 28. i love 28. my birthday is 1.28.75. my son, rowan's birthday is 11.28.05. interesting right? i like when things like that happen in this world, i believe there are no coincidences there is only our path and what we choose to see and what we choose to consider important or meaningful. i think you meet people at a certain time for a certain reason if you only open your mind and heart to them, they will bring you insight into your existence. this boy of mine came to me on this day, at the very end of 42 weeks of pregnancy, for a reason. we are both 28's, both warriors, both highly connected to each other, the universe, this earth. his sister is born on 14, exactly half of 28 and in so many ways she is the exact opposite of him. i think it's cool. well today, 14 days after hazel turned 2 is rowan's 1/2 birthday. so happy 4 and 1/2 rowan, this life, this adventure is way better since you came on the scene, i'm so glad you choose me to be your mom.


  1. This is really sweet. Very intimate.

  2. I am 6/28/75 so happy 35 to you. I always think it's cool that my daughter's due date was my anniversary. She passed it by two weeks to be born a day after her Grandmother's birthday. Then my son came along and was born early on her original due date/our anniversary. I love that she was slated to be a cancer but became a Leo and he a Leo that became a Cancer.