Sunday, February 7, 2010

purple butterflies

hazel, my baby girl. she's about 21months old. when i was pregnant with her i was petrified. my son of a handful. (a handful i LOVE and wouldn't trade for the world, but a handful nonetheless) he needs a lot of attention, always has. my pregnancy with him reflected his personality, so did his birth and up to and beyond his 22 months of life which is when i became pregnant with his sister. i was petrified that this second baby would take as much as the first; and i thought i would die. i'm not even being dramatic here, i really didn't see how i would care for 2 needy individuals myself and my husband. i also couldn't see how i could love another baby. everyone told me it would work out, it would take 2 seconds and i would never know how i lived without this second baby. my mom put it quite nicely when she said that it was like falling in love with the first one but this time rowan would be falling in love with us. ok, yea, yea, i still wasn't sold. then she was born, it was swift and easy going, just like her. (i'm not saying birth was easy! just compared to the first time....swift, definitely swift.) and i was in love, all before breakfast. and to top it off she is 180 degrees from her brother, so i did not die. phew. fast forward to this day right now and man what a moron i was, really? i thought i wouldn't love her? geeze this kid rocks. she is so cool and funny and smart and sweet and i can't even remember life without her. i can't even imagine life without her! she loves to try new things and be outside and i have visions of taking off to london with her, when she's older, for four days just to explore because i know she'd be game and an awesome time.

the pants, what does this have to do with pants? right, right, back to the two of her favorite things: russian stacking dolls and butterflies. so i was in the fabric store and i saw this material, she also digs purple although green is her favorite color, and i had to make her some pants. she loves them. i love her. i plan on embroidering her a little butterfly on a shirt to kind of go with. we'll see.

anyway i used advice from the creative family by amanda blake soule where she shows how to make kid pants out of an old shirt. i had made pants from hazel this way from some old jeans last april. well i say april, it took me 2 months to make these jeans. she says in the book they are 15 min pants... rowan helped, we had a blast. this is what started our sewing together.

hazel in april 2009, 13 months old wearing jeans made from my old jeans. the ones that ripped off me at the library. ok that's the 2nd time that's come up already in the short life of this blog. i may need to tell you all that story in detail...!

so there you have it. purple, shinny, shimmery, butterfly pants. and z says "my paaants! my paaaants! i loooove my paaants! thaaaank you mommy!" (she has a southern twang. i don't know how my kids have that? we live in jersey for pete's sake! rowan says L: ellllll.)

detail of the pants. so i'm really happy i made them but this is the wrong material for pants. she wore them all day and the seam split in the back even though i had reinforced it. there is no stretch and the material frays a lot. it was hard to work with.

ok so now the following you will probably only be interested in if you are related, so just an fyi gratuitous kid shots coming up. i haven't posted this for a week because i was waiting to get a picture of her in them. well it snowed and we were hanging out all day and i got 100 pictures of her in them. and rowan too. they are silly kids. i love them.

she adores him

does everything he does

playing "babies" that's what she calls her stacking dolls

she likes to be the "tiny baby" cause "she's so tiny!"

making "baby" shadows

so there you have it. purple butterfly pants for the happiest girl i know.

and one more pic of the king and queen.

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